About Association

The MACHINE BUILDING AND WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a non-governmental association created under the current legislation of Ukraine.  The Association conducts no entrepreneurial activities, has no banking account and does not report to the tax administration.

The initiators of creating the Association are specialists that have specific proposals on the ways for an exit of the machine building and power industry of Ukraine from long-lasting economic crisis. The initiative group includes:

  • employees of the A.M. Pidhorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the NAS of Ukraine who are aware of all the information on the human resources and technological capacity in the machine-building industry of Ukraine;
  • employees of the Renewable Energy Institute of the NAS of Ukraine  who have many years’ experience in the creation and development of the wind industry in Ukraine and its scientific and technological support in particular;
  • foreign experts in the sphere of the market-driven economy and investments in the power industry who have successful experience in the implementation of two large-scale projects in Ukraine – reforming of the energy market (1991) and creation of the wind energy industrial cluster (1993-2010).

After holding numerous multilateral consultations the scheme has been developed for optimization of the anti-recessionary strategy a key role in the implementation of which has been taken on by the newly created Machine Building and Wind Energy Association.