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Electrolysis hydrogen generators

Electrolysis hydrogen generators  AIR LIQUIDE

Electrolysis generators: an environmentally friendly, reliable and safe solution for hydrogen production.
Electrolysis hydrogen generators are designed to produce high purity hydrogen for various industries such as electronics, glass, chemical and metallurgy.
Hydrogen production using electrolysis generators is one of the most environmentally friendly industries today. The electrolyzers are fed with demineralized water. Only electric current is used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, which is not accompanied by CO2 emissions.
The use of electrolysis hydrogen generators ensures low energy consumption (3.9 kWh/m3) and high pressure hydrogen production (25 barg) without the use of a hydrogen compressor. Electrolytic hydrogen generators produce from 1.25 Nm3/h to 120 Nm3/h H2 with a purity of up to 99.9998%, thanks to the use of the DEOXO dryer system. In addition, they can produce oxygen with a purity of 99.5%.
The electrolysis generators use inorganic membranes from Vandenbor re Hydrogen systems, a leader in electrolysis technology.

Supply of a 2.5 MW electrolyser for an offshore wind farm

French manufacturer Elogen will supply a 2.5 MW electrolyser for CrossWind

French manufacturer Elogen will supply a 2.5 MW electrolyser for CrossWind – a joint venture between Shell, Eneco, Siemens Gamesa and Van Oord – for an offshore wind project off the coast of the Netherlands.

This contract is part of the Hollandse Kust Noord (HKN) offshore wind project. It will start with the initial design phase, followed by manufacturing and integration. The Elogen PEM electrolyser will be installed offshore in 2025 off the coast of the Netherlands (18.5 km offshore) and will convert electricity generated on site into green hydrogen, giving the project more flexibility to adapt to power fluctuations.

The HKN project focuses on innovation to store energy during periods of high renewable electricity production and release it during periods of low production.

CrossWind's goal, together with its partners, including Elogen, is to help build smart wind farms that can meet the demand for renewable electricity and drive the transition to a low-carbon future.



Electrolyzer on sea water

A seawater electrolyser could revolutionize hydrogen production

•    a significant increase in the generation of ecologically clean electricity independent of the supply of imported fuel through the construction and operation of wind power plants with a total capacity of 16,000 MW;
•    conversion of enterprises of the former military-industrial complex of the machine-building industry of Ukraine by organizing the production of components of modern wind turbine models to cover domestic and foreign demand for equipment for wind turbines;
Ukraine's implementation of international agreements and EU directives on stimulating the development of renewable energy;
• Ukraine's fulfillment of its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the requirements of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.