Public organization

Our purpose

Unlocking the competitive wind energy market of Ukraine for:
a significant increase in the generation of ecologically clean electricity independent of the supply of imported fuel;
conversions of enterprises of the machine-building industry of Ukraine;
Ukraine's implementation of international agreements on stimulating the development of renewable energy;
fulfillment by Ukraine of its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What we offer

Elimination of institutional and informational barriers by:
implementation of regulatory documents for the development of the wind energy industry and mechanical engineering;
organization of expert assistance in making appropriate decisions, based on the successful experience of RE development in the USA and the EU;
increasing the investment attractiveness of industries, and attracting non-state investments to their development.

Our programs

At the initiative of the Association of Machine-Building and Wind Energy Industry, the following was developed:
two editions of
«Programs for the systematic restoration of the wind energy industry of Ukraine based on the elimination of legal obstacles and restrictions on investments»,
«Road map of comprehensive development of wind energy and mechanical engineering of Ukraine».

We are ready for cooperation

You can start working with our Association right now

The non-governmental organization "Association of Machine-Building and Wind Energy Industry" invites you to participate in cooperation in the implementation of our Programs and Roadmap at any stage.